First Trimester of Pregnancy & What to Expect

Today I am discussing about “First Trimester of Pregnancy & What to Expect”. Being pregnant is one of the best things that happen to women. At least it was for me. The moment we found out that we are expecting, we started looking forward to the day we’ll bring the little baby to our home! Such feeling is full of happiness and joy.

However beautiful and lovely, gifts do not come easily and you may have to go through few difficulties in the beginning. For some pregnancy is very tiring and exhausting to say the least. Speaking about myself I think it was quite a smooth ride. I did panic at times, I was concerned as was advised bed rest during the first trimester of my pregnancy Those were really terrifying months.


Here I am discussing what you can expect in first trimester pregnancy. I hope this helps!


The first trimester of pregnancy is week 1 through week 12, roughly saying it is about 3 months.

First Trimester of Pregnancy & What to Expect?

Before reading this please remember that each body is different and every women goes through different experiences. These may or may not happen with you which is completely normal.


  • Cravings: Call it psychological or real but, you will start liking or disliking certain food items.  I literally use to take salt in hand and lick salt. Yes, I know it is so weird but I did it. I didn’t like eating sugar or sweet things during my first trimester. With every trimester your cravings can change. Pickles are one of the food cravings during pregnancy. Though I didn’t eat pickles.
  • Bleeding: Now this is one thing that scares the hell out of you. I swear! I was told that even if I am pregnant I shall get slight bleeding. This is true with many women. But it didn’t happen with me. So, I advise you to please consult your doctor as soon as you experience any spotting.
  • Abdominal pain: You might get sharp pains just like you have when you get your periods. It is normal in most pregnancy cases. However, also let your doctor know about every such changes. Do not become a doctor yourself and think it is natural. I did get such pains.
  • Exhaustion: In early pregnancy you may feel exhausted and feel tire most of the time. It is normal and you should rest your body instead of tiring it even more. If you are too cranky and feel tired all the time you can also get your haemoglobin test done. Most anaemic people feel tiredness all the time. My blood percentage went down from 12 % to 10 % but that was in second trimester.
  • Breasts tenderness: As it is said that sore breasts are one of the signs of pregnancy it is also true! Sore breasts happen because of hormonal changes in body. I started wearing a well fitted bra for comfort. Well fitted means not tight in any way. You can start by wearing one size big as the body changes.
  • Constipation: My sister in law is suffering with it and so are few of my expecting friends. However, I faced constipation only in my last trimester and that too in last one and half months. I was lucky but not many women are so be prepared. One of the reasons I didn’t face constipation is because of the fluids intake and physical activities. These help a lot. So, start few exercises and drink at least 3 litres water every day.

Do share your experiences too. I hope you liked this article. Do not forget to read “7 Things To Do When You Find Out You Are Pregnant

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