7 Things To Do When You Find Out You Are Pregnant

7 Things To Do When You Find Out You Are Pregnant: I am pregnant what do I do now? Well I took so many pictures. One such image above on left I clicked with two of my friends when they came to see me while I was pregnant. On right is the image with my baby!

Well this was exactly something that came to our mind first as soon as we found out that we are pregnant. While some get to share such good piece of news early, for some couples like us, it took a while and finally when we were pregnant it was kind of overwhelming to say the least.


Oh my god I am pregnant!

What should I do? How should I walk, sleep, what should I eat?

I have never nursed a baby!

With all the above thoughts there were zillion thoughts which ran through my mind! If you were in such a situation sometime in your life and reading this, then I am sure you can relate. If you are a new would-be parent, congratulations and keep reading as I pen down this beautiful journey on my blog. This series will have my experiences, feelings, how to calm down, what to do, when etc.

First thing first what to do when you find out you are pregnant.

Kindly know that this blog post has my opinions from which you may disagree, and it is alright as each individual think differently.


1. When to announce your pregnancy news:

 Honestly this was the first question I asked myself, obviously, after I was back to my normal senses which happened after few hours of finding out that I am pregnant. In India particularly, it is believed that pregnancy news should be shared only after 3 months and so taking the traditional route, we waited for 3 months and shared news in our second trimester which is the 4rth month.


2. Consult a doctor immediately:

 While silently we were celebrating, it was also a time to find a good doctor, where I can pay regular visits and the delivery can happen. Such place should be easily accessible, and the doctors should be experienced and knowledgeable. We started looking for reviews online and finally chose one.


3. Know the medicines you can take and food to avoid if any:

Do not take too long to ask your doctor what to eat and what kind of medications you can take. I had sinus during those days when I was pregnant and so use to eat combiflam(medicine) every now and then. Therefore I asked what medications I can take if I have a headache, fever, vomiting, troubled motions etc. Do not be shy. Clearing out every possible doubt will only benefit you.

Also, it is said that one should not eat papaya while they are pregnant, and to this I would say it is ultimately your call. There are people who say not to eat papaya, Chinese food and mangoes and there are the others who would say eat what you feel like. It is you who must take the final call. Ask your dietician or your doctor directly about the food to eat and avoid.

4. Document your journey & take before and after pictures for lovely memories:

 Now the fun part ladies. I know that being pregnant can be overwhelming. But, this is also a time to pamper yourself. Take good care of yourself, be positive and live in the moment by cherishing each day. This is an important life skill that you should develop for your own benefit. Also, there are tones of ideas how you can document your pregnancy journey on Pinterest, so go and search! Go ahead be creative and I bet you will cherish each of these pictures when you look back.

5. Find out how your baby is growing, your due date and prepare yourself for few body changes.

There are websites where you can register, and they send you email about baby growth at every week! Register yourself as this is will not only keep your spirits high but also will remind you how incredible every thing is! Also, your body will now change a lot so be prepared for that. Kindly know, this is not a time to diet but only to eat healthy and as much as your body needs it.

Remember do not overdo also. I was told to drink coconut water and being in Bengaluru where you find coconut water at every possible place I started drinking 4 coconut water every day. This resulted in high sugars after a point. So be careful do not overdo anything. During first semester you do not need to eat much. You might feel hungry and it is okay but do not overeat. It is only the second trimester where you will actually increase your diet and you will be hungrier. The reason is that the child grows faster after 3 months.


6. Healthy lifestyle:

 It is now time to be the most serious about your life as you are not just responsible for your health but  also for your baby. Sleep at the correct time, consume healthy diet, find out easy workout exercises, as such things will keep you healthy and busy and you won’t face the boredom as few mothers complain. A good plan like taking yoga lessons once every week pepped me up. You should also start a prenatal vitamin as you find out about pregnancy. It is important for both you and the baby. Prenatal vitamins like folic acid, calcium and iron are very important to take. So please ask your doctor and do the needful.

7. Last but not the least socialise:

Being pregnant doesn’t mean to sleep all the time as most moms do. Even if you are on bed rest it is nice to walk a little but of course only after your doctor’s recommendation. I come cross a lot of moms who say they cannot sleep at night and honestly one of the biggest reasons is that they sleep in the afternoon for too long and hence cannot get easy sleep at night.  This is the also the time to bond with your friends who are moms, your mom and mom in law as they can give you best informative information. They know the best tricks and how to cope a situation. Another thing ladies…Shop! Yes, making your to do lists and shopping for yourself should be on top of the list. Sounds a bit greedy? Maybe, but why not to pamper yourself, this is your time, the best time of your life!


Well, I hope all the above points made sense. If I can help even a single person I will be more than happy. You can chat with me by leaving a comment below!


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  1. Waaw,.. nice post,.. I’m in my third trimester and looking back to last 8 months gives me amazing feeling,.. I never thought this 8 months journey will go this smooth,.. I was very afraid and scared that I wont be able to cope up with work, family and this pregnancy. But really shocked, i handled everything smoothly,.

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