This is my first product review and I’m so excited to talk about this product which finally fits the bill of all my skin requirements. I have a combination skin but very sensitive and acne prone, hence it took me trial and test of lot of products before settling down for this one. And trust me this has not disappointed me so far, thus without much ado I would like to introduce all you ladies to “Ponds Pimple Clear White” Face wash.

Face wash is the most essential product of a girl’s vanity kit, and getting the right one is most important and tedious task. Since my skin is acne prone, I have used mostly medicated face wash. But it was time to move to something normal and less expensive, and thankfully I discovered the range of Ponds complete solution.



WHAT THE PRODUCT CLAIMS- Multi Action Facial Wash with oil absorbing clay, pimple fighting Salicyclic Formula and brightening essence fights 10 oil & pimple problems.

  • Removes Excess Oil
  • Clears Pimples
  • Reduces Pimple Related Blemishes
  • Reduces Redness
  • Calms Skin
  • Reduces Blackheads
  • Reduces Whiteheads
  • Smoothens Roughness
  • Tightens Pores
  • Brightens Skin


PRICE: Rs 155

QUANTITY: 100 gms

SHELF LIFE: 24 Months.

INGREDIENTS: See pic below



As told earlier I was already frustrated using many medicated and expensive face washes to keep my acne breakout under control, but when I used Ponds, the results left me so happy and satisfied.

The off white color face wash with micro beads present in it gives it a very scrubby feeling every time while washing the face and removes all the excess oil, dirt and grime while retaining the moisture and softness of the skin. It smells good and leaves my skin clean & radiant after every wash. The tube is very much compact and travel friendly, I always carry it with me, especially when I know I have long day at work ahead. It has a nice flip cap which prevents the product from leaking. This face wash has worked wonders on my skin, especially by reducing my acne blemishes and the irritating white heads around my nose area. This is like magic on my skin keeping it soft and supple, controlling acne, reducing blemishes, removing excess oil and blackheads, and brightening my skin tone, what else in the world can I expect more from a single product? I’m more than happy and satisfied for the fact that this wonder working products comes to me a steal price of Rs 155/-

Swatches on Hand






  1. Dermatologically tested
  2. Removes excess oil and dirt completely
  3. Didn’t leave my skin dry and patchy
  4. Reduces blackheads and white heads
  5. Tightens pores
  6. Suits all skin types ( people with extreme sensitive dry skin need to test it to see if it works for them)
  7. Controls acne
  8. Brightens skin tone
  9. Very reasonably priced


  1. Excessive use can leave your skin dry


“Info On A Silver Platter”- It’s the best thing to start your day with, it’s a face wash that acts as a very mild scrub removing all excess oil and dirt from your skin while retaining necessary moisture, leaving it bright, radiant and soft.




42 thoughts on “Ponds Pimple Clear White Face Wash for Acne Prone Skin; Swatches

    1. Very valid query Sangeeta, I have been using this out here in Beijing where the temperature is almost 3-4 degrees. Its been working well for me. I have not experienced any dryness as such. However it could be different for someone who has a complete dry skin.

    1. Thanks Saniya.Ponds worked for me as I have a combination skin, especially my T zone is oily. Loved browsing through your site, will surely participate in your give away contest sweety.

    1. Very True Esha, this one is a blessing during summers for sure. Can work out in winters too, depending on the skin type. 🙂

    1. Very True Subha, even the acne relief ointments are known for leaving the skin dry. A good moisturizer is the only solution in such cases

  1. hey my skin is very oily, ponds face wash is excellent but it makes my skin very dry and now is winter season so should i use PONDS white 10 promblems wala facewash ?

  2. i know this comment may be really late because it’s been 2 years now:/
    but i absolutely didn’t like this product at all! i have terrible acne-prone skin and all it did was break me out even more, giving me little bumps of cystic acne in my forehead, it was just horrible. it’s been like 2 months since i’ve used it, and i still have scarring from it. i’m really glad it worked for you! but it didn’t work for me at all, rather did the opposite 🙁

  3. When using ponds for one week did it give u any breakouts ? Or not and do i have to use mosturizer after using ponds ?

    1. No it did not give me any breakouts, and yes moisturisation is very important after cleaning the face, be it any face wash

    1. A face wash alone is never capable of clearing pimples alone but it consists of ingredients that fight against sebum production and control oil and deep clean the skin so that other treatments can work effectively.

  4. I have a skin problem with pimples I hear all your good comments I wanna try it
    When I use this face wash and what do I use for toner and such stuff plz assist

  5. My skin is really oily and.. pimple on my face r just increasing. Is this product will be helpful.. m seriously upset about my

    1. This face wash deep cleans and helps with pimples but if you have a lot of pimples then I suggest visiting a dermat for a more effective solution.

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