january fab bag

January fab bag

I got my silver metallic January Fab bag a bit late but as it is said better late than never! I like Fab bag’s monthly samples with few full-size ones, as these products give me fairly good idea of what kind of products I would like to buy. This time the hidden treasures are in the form of foot cream and MannaKadar highlighter that I like. Read my reviews on these products. Moreover, I shall update the reviews of other products  as I use them in coming days.

january fab bag

 silver metallic January Fab bag


Nirvana crafted naturally pure goat milk honey soap

january fab bag

This is 100% Natural, Handmade and Paraben & SLS Free Soap. Furthermore, it has Essential Oils, Extracts & Natural Ingredients.

I am excited to use this one as I haven’t used any product that is made from pure goat milk. I hope this works well. The smell is like orange zest and so I think it will be very refreshing. I shall update you guys soon once I use it.


Iba halal care nourishing foot cream

january fab bag

As I read about this foot cream on internet I came to know that it comprises of Olive oil, Cocoa butter, Shea butter and Jasmine. It is halal certified product which means that there is No Alcohol, No Pork or Animal Derived Ingredients. In addition to this there are no harmful chemicals like Sulfates and Parabens.

I was intrigued to use this foot cream as it promised luxurious feel and moisturised feet. Therefore, I tried this product. It feels super soft on skin and is so moisturising! The smell isn’t too strong. I have no cracks on feet but as it is very moisturising it will surely prevent the cracks. Such creams are a must have during winters.


Vedantika rose sandal face wash

january fab bag

I haven’t used this yet and shall update you on it as I use it. I like that the bottle size is travel friendly.


Manna glo illuminator

january fab bag

I am actually excited for this one. It is from MannaKadar cosmetics and is a highlighter that can be used on the face and body to create a beautiful glow. You can also mix it with foundation or can wear it alone. This is good for all skin types and provides youthful glow. This highlighter is paraben free and cruelty free. I like how Fab bag supports natural and cruelty free products!

This highlighter blends beautifully on my combination skin and gives a healthy glow. It also has the perfect consistency. It has a nozzle packaging. This highlighter has no fragrance which is an advantage for me at least. Since it gives light highlighting coverage is can be used easily. In addition to this only small quantity is needed for application. I am happy to get this product as was looking for something like this. I shall review this in detail very soon.

Got These samples as well

“Overall, I am happy to receive my January Fab bag. I was not aware of the brands that I got in this bag. However, after a little research I got to know that these brands produce natural and cruelty free products. Big thumbs up!”

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