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It’s said that the Vitamin A,C & E are three wonder vitamins for the skin. After being impressed with Dr Reddy’s Strea C 10 (REVIEWED HERE), I had complete faith on Strea A-15 when I decided to incorporate Vitamin A in my skin care regime.



This is what Dr.Reddy Strea A-15 Says:- Strea A15 is a unique formulation of Vitamin A in Retinol form, the bio active Retiniod for modulating skin function at concentration of 0.15% in micospheres, free from colouring agents, perfume and preservatives ensuring that active ingredient, Retinol is delivered to skin in precise, most stable & in purest form. Strea A15 is recommended to use as a daily skin care agent to refine the skin texture and improves cellular regeneration. The product is ideal to complement the ongoing skin care programme as a maintenance agent for best skin rejuvenation.


Rejuvenates skin by increasing the cell turnover rate.

Normalizes the activity of sebaceous glands.

Reduces Skin inflammation.

Protects the skin from photo damage and other abnormalities of keratinization.

Strea A15 Use is Recommended for

Soft, smooth and improved skin texture.

Refining the pores and reduce the poreness to develop acne.

Reduction in fine lines and wrinkle appearance.

Anti ageing effects.

Reduced incidences of skin inflammation.

For Best Results
Apply to a clean dry skin evenly all over the face at night. Avoid contact with eyes as a part of skin care program.

Application of moisturizer over the top would benefit for dry skin types.

Price: Rs. 1399 for 28 veggie caps


 My experience with Dr Reddy’s Strea A-15

The packaging of Strea A15 is exactly same as that of C-10. The 28 non fragrant veggie caps come enclosed in a small circular rotating disc with 28 separate compartments. The packaging I must say is really really intelligent as the capsules are preserved without being exposed to the atmosphere, because in that case the vitamins lose their efficacy.



Take out one capsule and break it from the neck to get the product. The capsules are soft enough to be broken easily. The quantity is sufficient for the entire face and neck. The Vitamin A in the capsule is in the form of creamy gel which is non oily and spreads easily.

The results are amazing. I have tested this product in different ways

–      Using this alone during night

–      Using this during night with a moisturizer

–      Since Strea C-10 alone gave me good results I stopped using it to test which product was working for me but yes A-15 was worth it.

My skin became healthy and supple. Had a good glow and brightness and the slight pigmentation that I had also reduced.It also works on the pores to shrink them.About the fine lines I cannot comment but it definitely makes the skin smooth.

Now my skin care regime consists of applying Dr Reddy’s Strea C 10 in the mornings topped with the The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream cream followed by a sunscreen and A-15 during the night along with the same moisturizer if required.

I now know that this product has shown amazing results and along with C-10 the effect is outstanding.  It is a costly affair but totally worth it.


-Do not use during daytime because Vitamin A tends to make your skin photosensitive.

-It tends to dry the skin so the ones having dry skin should either stay away or use a heavy moisturizer

-Avoid sun

-Use sunscreen even when at home.

– Avoid area near the eyes because I experienced dry patches and irritation there.





Turn On: Dr Reddy’s Strea A-15

1) Lives up to all its claims

2) Intelligent packaging

Turn Off: Dr Reddy’s Strea A-15

Dries the skin


“INFO ON A SILVER PLATTER”–  I have been using this product from the past three months and totally loving the results. I would suggest that you start using it alternate days and once your skin starts adapting to it, use regularly. However this is not a cosmetic product, you can also consult your dermatologist before using if your skin is sensitive to Vitamin A.




55 thoughts on “Dr Reddy’s Strea A-15: Review & Swatches

    1. I am actually using it without any consultation but if you have a very sensitive skin, or you are allergic to Vit A then you should avoid it

    1. yeah…price pinches when you are making up your mind…but when you actually try the product…u will let it go!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. yes but I feel that its wise to spend on something that shows effect rather than buying something average with no results

  1. Could you tell me how long you have been using it? Should the product be used life long or just until results are shown and can be discontinued?

  2. I have tried this c10 vitamin capsuls since 2 years.this tablets are recommended by one of the best and renowned dermatologiologist.recently this capsuls are not available in market but we are badly in need of this.this is best capsul for nornak or dry skinskin . without this iam facing lot of problems.

  3. Why is it not available now-a-days?
    I am in need of it badly..
    Please help me find a store in Trivandrum,Kerala where strea c 10 is available??
    or else help me find a website to purchase it online

  4. Hi, the product has been discontinued for some reason, can i still find it somewhere? or something similar to this? Really in need of this product

  5. hi..can I ask you a few things about these Dr.reddy’s products.are you still using strea c10 and a15?if yes where are you getting them from? I have been trying to find them in the Delhi markets for a couple of months with no luck 🙁 please help me out here.thanks 🙂

  6. Hi, can you pls tell me from where we can buy this online as it is not available in any medical shops in kolkata. Pls reply.

  7. Hi
    I hv got sun burn patches /partly melasma on my face so my dermat prescribed me the same product A15… just wanted to know how safe it is and how beneficial it is for my problem… but after reading your review feeling little relived.

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