Hi I am Garima

Founder of this Blog

founder of cosmochics

I reside in Mumbai. Started working as a software developer but the lackluster job did not appeal to me. It was only one product review that introduced me to the blogosphere and then I became an addict. Finally, decided to unleash my creative side and sowed the seeds of “COSMOCHICS”.

HIYA! I’m Shivi

Co-Founder and Editor of this Blog


A fashion enthusiast, stylist, writer, editor & co-founder of cosmochics.com. Bangalore is where I stay. I like to share my obsessions and experiences. Love- Dancing, horror films, eating out, driving, writing, traveling! Life has surely become super fast and interesting after this blog happened to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This blog is all about our personal style and experiences with products and places.

We all have an irrepressible love for shopping, and here you will get a sneak peek into our lives!

We hope you all enjoy the blogs and leave comments.

We love our readers 🙂


Disclaimer: Disrespectful comments and foul language will be deleted. The comments left by the readers are their own opinions, not ours. Information provided here should be used at your own discretion. This blog reflects our opinion. Your decision to ‘buy or not buy’, a product, should not depend on our reviews of the products here, products that work for us may not work for you in the same exact way!

We are not medical experts, and any content posted on this blog is not an advice by a qualified professional.Your questions will be answered as our opinion/suggestion. We should not be held responsible for anything.

All the photos here are taken by us unless stated otherwise. So please do not copy text/photos from this site.If the product is sponsored, it will be mentioned specifically in the post.

22 thoughts on “About Us

      1. Hey, I am 1999 high school batch… I am not sure if you remember the blue house captain of 1999 Divya Yadav ??

        Love the blog and you will see me around for sure 🙂

  1. Hi Garima & Shivi! This is my first visit to your blog which I stumbled upon from the Comments section in P&B. You guys are doing a great job! So like the creative name of your blog 🙂

  2. Hey!!

    This is a wonderful blog. I landed on it while going through a some giveaways on Facebook and found it to be class apart. Awesome information and amazing execution. Keep up the good work both of you.

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