What Not to Eat When Pregnant, Foods To Avoid

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There are definitely some food items that you should avoid. Let’s ‘be honest we all love Maggi, colas and pizzas but know that this is the time to eat all healthy and stay fit. Here in this article I am talking about items to avoid and you too steer clear of such unhealthy food products.

So dear friends here is the list “What Not to Eat When Pregnant, Foods To Avoid”

1)Chinese food: I am keeping this food item on top as there are lot of women you have questions about it. We all love Chinese food and start finding answers to questions like “can we eat Chinese food? What to do if you crave for Chinese food etc.

Now before discussing the above questions let me tell you that I did eat Chinese outside twice in my whole pregnancy at a place where I was aware that a good care is taken to prepare this food. “This declaration is in no way letting you know that you can eat Chinese food too. Kindly know that it is all what your doctor/dietician says and also what you believe. “

Chinese food has lot of Sodium, and too much Sodium can cause water retention in your body. Moreover, Chinese food has MSG (Monosodium glutamate) added which is not good for expecting mothers as it may worsen morning sickness and can cause short breaths, dehydration, high blood pressure etc. You can read a detailed article on Chinese food “HERE”


However, MSG is in a lot of cuisine. So I say that avoid high sodium and  MSG.


2) Undercook/Raw meat: I love barbeques but barque at times also mean that the food is not properly cooked. Sushi is another example of raw seafood. Raw eggs are also strict no. Eat only pasteurized eggs.

Remember that uncooked or under cooked food may contain bacteria and therefore you need to avoid it as much as possible


3) Juice: Honestly, I never understand the love with packaged juices that few people have. A close friend of mine boosted that she loves packaged drinks and juices. Somehow, I believe that fresh juice at home is the purest and the healthiest juice that you can drink. Even at the roadside restaurants the juice may not be pure.


4) Fish: Fish has the mercury which is not good for expecting mothers and baby. Fish that is low in mercury should be in your diet plan. Examples of fish with low mercury are: catfish, cord, crab, salmon, shrimp, scallop, etc. You can read a complete list written by FDA and EPA “HERE”


4) Stale food: My in-laws stay with us and therefore I had the privilege to know a lot of things. One of the concern is eating stale food. Do not eat food that is kept at room temperature for more than 2 hours. Since I eat only fresh food items my energy levels are high, keeping me fit throughout my pregnancy.


5) Caffeine: I am keeping it at last as I know that we tea/coffee lovers cannot leave our addiction all of a sudden.

Believe me I will never ask you to stop consuming anything in a day. I too use to drink tea and coffee but the limit was to 1 cup in a day! It is difficult but surely possible.

While you can take a cup of tea/coffee, I suggest to stay clear of any form and percentage of alcohol. Beer, wine, any juice that contains alcohol is not good for expecting mothers and the baby.

I hope you liked this article “What Not to Eat When Pregnant, Foods To Avoid”. Do ask me if any questions!

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