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About Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Radiant Spray Moisturizer

Moisturizes and absorbs in seconds to help heal dry skin
* Dispenses evenly with one all-over spray
* Instantly leaves skin soft, not greasy or sticky
* Contains micro-droplets of Vaseline® Jelly
Best For – Dry Skin

Price: Rs.380/- for 190ml

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My Experience With The Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Radiant Spray Moisturizer

I have never felt an attraction towards the Vaseline body lotions, my mum swears by the cocoa variant but I am really loyal to my TBS jars of body butter, the spray on technology is what provoked the lazy girl within me to buy this…..I mean otherwise, you have to dip your fingers into the cream or squeeze/pump the lotion onto the palms and apply… this on a loop at least for six times right???? This one seems so convenient, just spray, spray, spray, rub and done…………

The Cocoa Radiant moisturizer comes in a deodorant-like packaging with a twist to lock spray nozzle. It comes in 3 variants, cocoa Radiant (dry skin), Deep Restore (dry Skin) & Aloe Soothe (normal skin). The whole spray-on thingy makes the application process quite easy. It dispenses a continuous spray providing an all-over-even-coverage so the application is quick, non-messy and hygienic. The Cocoa radiant moisturizer smells great, it has a cocoa butter fragrance along with vanilla but it’s mild and not too overwhelming, it lingers on for 4 plus hours. The texture is really light with a thin runny consistency which gets absorbed instantly and does not sit on the skin, it provides a non-greasy finish, literally feeling like nothing at all.

Now coming to what I don’t like about this….it is not the best moisturizer for people with very dry skin like mine. The product sinks into the skin, moisturizes and nourishes it, however, the effect does not last through the entire day, I feel the urge to reapply after 5 hours or so (which I never do because ….hello laziness!!!).

This is expensive because of the packaging, you can get the same product for half the cost if you choose to buy the regular bottle but I somehow feel that I prefer the spray-on application more now.

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