Summer Casual Outfits Style Men's wear

Women fashion and Diy’s were on our mind and then one day we thought that we should try our hands at something different that we haven’t done it yet on our blog and that’s how I am writing about “Summer Casual Outfits Style Men’s wear” and how do men cuff their jeans.

It is a widespread misconception that men cannot follow any fashion and that they live in just one outfit throughout their life! I mean it makes no sense at all because this is not true!

Therefore to break the norms and to bring a new wave of fashion style, we are trying our utmost to break the barriers, and to present you with new collection, styles and fashion trends for “Men”!

The question is what to expect in this section? Well get ready for some cool and latest fashion trends & styles, best ideas to pair an outfit, Men’s clothes, and accessories, men’s fashion tips etc.

Taking the discussion forward we are here with our model “Rohit” who paired his pair of cool blue denim with 3 flying machine t-shirts.

Denim jeans…white sneakers quite a combo but looks very simple. Why are we even discussing it? Everyone knows how to wear their denim pants! Isn’t it?

Guys in today’s post let’s talk about what to do with the bottom of your jeans? Denim is an evergreen outfit that can be paired with so many different ways. To give it a new casual look “Roll Your Jeans”! But beware as rolling your jeans should not make it look like you are wearing capris. This is an art that you should learn! In simpler words rolling your jeans means you cuff the ankle of your jeans. Cuffed jeans look best when you wear a slim pair of jeans. If your pair of jeans isn’t slim enough, be ready to wear it with heavier footwear or else there will be not balanced. In the pictures, you see a double roll (double cuff)…yes, there are many styles. Perhaps you will get a different post on types of cuffing? 😛

Cuffed jeans with white sneakers added the extra points for casual vibes in this outfit post. Remember if you don’t overdo it you will be on a safer side and you look modern and stylish at the same time. So while I leave you with the lovely pictures I hope you consider these posts as your mood boards for more inspiration!


Outfit details:

Denim Jeans: American Swan

T-shirts: Flying machine

Shoes: Call it spring

Glasses: Rayban

Backpack: Adidas Neo

Summer Casual Outfits Style Men's wear

Summer Casual Outfits Style Men's wear

Summer Casual Outfits Style Men's wear

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Picture credit: @julianshalo

Model: Rohit Chand

Styled By: Shivi


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