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We know of things that we incorporate into our daily lives are unhealthy and we personally choose to work upon/ignore them, but that is a conscious approach with a sense of implication, what about things that we do unwittingly without even knowing the upshots. Here’s a checklist

  • Pillow Cases: Pillow cases breed a lot of germs because they collect oils, creams, dead skin cells etc. and these germs deposit into your pores while sleeping thereby causing problems like acne or in some cases allergies.Change your pillow case every alternate day or place a soft silky piece of fresh cloth on your pillow before sleeping, wash it every day.


  •  Ingredient check: Always read the labels before putting anything on your skin. Avoid shampoos with SLS, SLES, diethanolamide (DEA), monoethanolamide (MEA) or triethanolamide (TEA) also don’t use antiperspirants containing aluminium or alcohol. These ingredients cause hormonal disruptions and are carcinogens. Also, avoid skincare products with petroleum distillates and strong artificial fragrances. Always try to use products devoid of harsh chemicals.

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  •  Eating Sugar: Now you might think that you obviously know what amount of sugar you pack in your body through the entire day but you don’t know that stuff like juices, yogurt, protein powder, pasta, bread, cereals are laden with sugar. Read the labels and think again!
  • Watching Television before Sleep: The bright light especially if you are watching television in a dark room, stimulates the brain thus negatively impacting your sleep and sleep disorders in turn cause a lot of health issues.


  •  Sedentary Lifestyle: Science and technology have glued us to our seats and the count of steps taken daily can put us to shame. A sedentary lifestyle has some serious health risks, to avoid them incorporate a few healthy habits like taking stairs instead of lifts, parking the car at a distance, taking breaks between work and walking or maybe just stretching.
  • Daily Objects: We constantly use the remote,keyboard, phone, do we ever clean them? No! these are the warehouses of germs. Always clean your gadgets from time to time using anti-bacterial wipes and also sanitise your hands frequently. While it feels safe to hold the handrails but it may not be safe for your health because you might just be saying hello to millions of germs and carrying them along. Do not touch your skin with dirty hands especially, this can be a major cause for acne problems.
  •  Chewing Gums: Can cause lower mouth wrinkles and also create issues in the mouth structure. We’re not talking about the occasional gum chewer, this is for someone who is rarely if ever seen without a piece of gum in their mouth.


Treat this post as an insinuation and work upon these issues if you wish to lead a healthy life !

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