Organic Harvest The Clean Up Kit Skincare Gift box

Organic Harvest The Clean Up Kit Skincare Gift box

Organic Harvest came up with this amazing idea of gift boxes that comprises of various products. These gift boxes are available at various price point starting from under Rs 1000 to Rs 5000. In addition to this the boxes are at discount as of now!

One such box was given to me and I shall review the products that I received in it. It was a curated box for bloggers that’s why I received a lip balm extra in the clean Up Kit Gift box. Here is the link for this gift box: click here

Organic Harvest The Clean Up Kit Skincare Gift box

Organic Harvest the Clean Up Kit for Skincare Gift box contains:

  • Organic Harvest’s 3-in 1 face wash
  • Cleansing Milk
  • Sunscreen SPF 30

I will be reviewing each product separately later on however, since a mini review is needed of this economical skincare gift box here are my thoughts.


Cost:  INR 1205 but it is on discount price as of now and cost INR 999 for 600 gm. All the products are full size and that’s what makes this box very price friendly.


My experience with Organic Harvest The clean Up Kit For Skincare Gift box

This box contains 3 items and is called the clean-up kit. It is on discount at the moment. Get it from this link: –  Shop here


Organic Harvest’s 3-in 1 face wash( 100ml, Rs. 395):

Organic harvest facewash Organic Harvest The Clean Up Kit Skincare Gift box

I absolutely love this face wash. After a long time, I found something so good for my combination to oily, sensitive skin. This face wash has irregular shaped granules, soft enough that you can use every day. I suggest to use this once in a day if you have very sensitive skin, as, the granules can be harsh on very sensitive skin.

Washing my face with this face wash by applying gentle pressure, I get squeaky clean face. Furthermore, I didn’t get any irritation after using this and it didn’t cause any acne.


Cleansing Milk with Essential oils (100 ml, INR 545):

organic harvest cleansing milk Organic Harvest The Clean Up Kit Skincare Gift box

This cleansing milk is very creamy and is best for dry and normal skin. I tried it out and it was a good pick for my combination skin as well. The texture is creamy but light on skin.

I didn’t like the smell much but since you really do not keep it on your face for too long, so it is okay. In addition to this, I like that the product is packed with all goodness like it is free of Parabens, Mineral Oil and also it is free from animal ingredients. Therefore, this is a very good choice to use it as a makeup remover. Moreover, it can be also be used generally to clean dirt and grime from your face. I am yet to try it on waterproof makeup. A full detailed review will consist all such details.


Sunscreen with SPF 30 Triple Action, Water resistant Formula ( 50 gm, INR 495)

organic harvest sunscreen Organic Harvest The Clean Up Kit Skincare Gift box

As we all know that sun protection factor (SPF) is equally important and it is something to tell how well it will protect your skin from UV rays. Also, UV rays cases skin damage and can cause sunburn as well. SPF 30 is a good sun protection that this sunscreen offers. If you do not stay under the sun for too long then this is a good choice, also, for normal skin this seems to be fine. However, I am not sure how it will be when my skin is very oily during summers.


Lip Balm with shea butter (10gm, INR 199):

I think I got this in my box as complimentary gift and I am so content with this lip balm. Furthermore, regular use did prevent my lips from drying out. Also, I like how smooth it feels on my lips. I like it a lot.

“Info On a Silver Platter”: I think the concept is great. More importantly at such great price Organic harvest is giving full size products. These boxes are as per different skin types as well.


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