OPI Italian love affair review and swatches

Yeieeeee…..OPI is now available on Nykaa, at a slightly higher price though but I don’t mind that because (one) I have no one to procure it from other countries, (two) Insta-sellers are selling it at almost the same price, (3) I am a fickle minded person so when I am on a holiday abroad I don’t buy OPI, and when I want to buy OPI, I am not on a holiday……anyways you get it now….I am happy because now I can buy OPI nail polishes whenever I want!!!!!!!

Being a hoarder, I own so many nail polishes that belong to the same family or look almost similar, I wanted something different (well, I always try to do so 🙂) so I did a lot of research, checking online swatches and finally settled on the OPI-Italian Love Affair and I’d say I did a good job (*pats on the back*)

OPI Italian love affair review and swatches

OPI Italian Love Affair
“A romantic and pearly pale pink”

Finish: Pearl

Price: Rs. 850/- for 15ml

Availability: Buy Online @Nykaa or @ Sephora India Stores

OPI Italian love affair review and swatches

My Experience With The OPI-Italian Love Affair

OPI Italian love affair review and swatches

OPI Italian Love Affair is a beautiful soft pink with warm undertones and a (slight) pearl finish, it stays put on the nails for 6-7 days without chipping which is great (again that depends but its long lasting). This color being on the lighter side, on the first coat, goes streaky but the second one ends up in a perfect finish.

I won’t say that it dries very quickly but when it does, it dries completely…you know what I mean, I’ve had experiences when I feel that the polish is dry but even hours after drying it starts getting dents and fingerprints all over that make me cringe.

The formula is not too thick and that makes it easy to apply. The brush is quite thin, I prefer flat and rounded ones but this one is not difficult to use. The color is a unique kind of pink which is exactly what I was looking for, however, I like it how it looks on my hands but not on the toes.

OPI Italian love affair review and swatches

It was extremely difficult to capture the shade on camera, somehow I managed after like 1001 clicks!!!! Oh, and in case if you are wondering, I used fake nails because the real ones are still recovering from the aftereffect of acrylic nail extensions that you know I got done 2 months back if you follow us on Instagram.

OPI Italian love affair review and swatches

Hope you like the new OPI member in my nail polish collection, I am loving the shade and the formula a little too much….I had made a resolution that I won’t buy more than one but argggghhhhh I have two more in my cart waiting for the final checkout!!!!!

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