nykaa matte nail polishes

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I love matte finish but matte nail paints were not easily available in the Indian market, to resolve this problem I bought a top coat from L’Oreal and voila… mattified my nail paints whenever I wanted to, but this is not a problem anymore. Of late there is an upsurge in matte nail polishes everywhere and brands like Revlon, Colorbar and Nykaa seem to be keeping up with the matte trend.

nykaa matte nail polishes

Nykaa nail polishes get all my votes in terms of quality, shade range, and affordability so I decided to try the Nykaa matte nail polishes first. They have a range of 12 matte shades, when I went to the Nykaa app to add some in my cart, I had promised myself, not to buy more than 2 but the shades were super gorgeous…….I could not resist and went ahead to buy 8 of them.

nykaa matte nail polishes

nykaa matte nail polishes

Price: Rs.199/- (get discounts on combos & trios)

Quantity: 9ml

Buy Online @ Nykaa

Shades Available: 12 shades – I bought all except White Chocolate Ganache (pure white), Cool Blue Granita (Sky Blue), Black Sesame Pudding (pure black), Lavender Panna Cotta (light purple)

My Experience With Nykaa Matte Nail Lacquers:

These nail polishes come in frosted glass bottles, the brush does a neat job even though it’s not wide and flat like the Maybelline ones which I like. The texture is very thick but surprisingly they dry very fast, like in just 40 seconds literally. Being on the thicker side, I had expected them to go a bit streaky but they applied very neatly in just a stroke, giving an opaque finish, however, I like to do two coats for better results. The lasting power is also amazing, 5 days straight after which I noticed slight tip wear. Impressive!!!!!!!!!!!

nykaa matte nail polishes


08 Black Cherrypie: Deep Berry

Up for some dark romance? Our Black Cherry Pie looks so good, that even heaven can’t save you from falling for this dark fantasy. Take matters in your hands and make your wildest dreams come true with this stunning berry hue!

nykaa matte nail polishes

10 Almond Crumble: Light Coffee

Dip your pinkies in the glorious warmth of Almond Crumble. Fall head over heels with the sweet yet naughty nude brown hue and let your nails do all the talking.

nykaa matte nail polishes

14 Squid Ink Mousse: Dark Grey

Did somebody call for Mr. Grey? Explore the unfamiliar with our fascinating Squid Ink Mousse. Indulge in some sweet, unconventional romance as you dip your nails in this alluring grey hue. Let the mystery float around you as you walk down the street, commanding the attention that you deserve!

nykaa matte nail polishes

16 Blueberry Frosting: Grey Purple

Sweeter than sugar, our Blueberry Frosting is a sheer treat for the senses minus the calories! Splash this delectable shade on your nails, reminiscing about summer frolic of days gone by. Oh come on! We know you can resist this sweet, sweet craving!

nykaa matte nail polishes

18 Blueberry Macaron: Powder blue

If you thought you’re in for a treat, you’re absolutely right! Pop some bath bombs in the tub and soak your pinkies in this pastel heaven. Treat your nails to the pampering they deserve with our delectable Blueberry Macaron.

nykaa matte nail polishes

19 Matcha Tiramisu: Forest Green

Say Kon’nichiwa to the delicious Matcha Tiramisu, while you take on the world, one nail at a time! Give your nails the morning ‘pick me up’ with this humble and earthy hue and remember to kill them with kindness.

nykaa matte nail polishes

28 Pink Meringue: Pale pink

Let your nails swirl in the délicieux and airy Pink Meringue, bringing some sweet memories of a fine, summer picnic. Immerse your vintage soul in the endless romance of the gorgeous pale pink hue as you sip some Oolong tea.

nykaa matte nail polishes

29 S’mores Milkshake: very difficult to explain…White mixed with slight brown and purple

Let your nails bring all the boys to the yard with a scrumptious S’mores Milkshake! As fun as a campfire night, this yummy, creamy hue brings a twinkle to your eyes. Get in your girlies and revive those adventurous summer nights!

nykaa matte nail polishes

“Info On A Silver Platter”

I am yet to try the Revlon and Colorbar matte nail polishes so can’t really do a comparison here but right now all I can say is that I am really impressed with the quality at this price. If you plan to shop from Nykaa for your beauty essentials, please do not checkout without adding at least one shade from the collection. They are Amazing!!!!!!

Cosmochics Rating: 5/5

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