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Caratlane is an Online jewellery portal, We, the younger generation love to buy our stuff online and I totally trust Caratlane, I have bought and enjoyed a few pieces from them more so because they have a plethora of unique, new age, everyday pieces, but not only that, they also have a huge collection of traditional pieces with a modern twist.

For those who question purity and trust when while buying something like gold, they also have a few brick-and-mortar stores across the country. If the touch and feel factor is important but you still don’t want to give up on the comfort of buying jewellery from home then Caratlane also offers a unique Try@Home feature for jewellery buyers in the country, where customers can book an appointment, get their desired jewellery delivered at their doorsteps, and try them at their comfort with no-obligations to buy!

My recent visit to Cartlane store brought their gorgeous pieces under our radar. Caratlane has introduced two new collections viz. Aaranya and Bombay Deco. I was onsite to see these stunning and stylish pieces that carry oodles of personality and need I mention, I was awestruck…..Have a look!

Aaranya Collection: An Ode to The Beautiful Trees of the Forest

The collection marvels at the artistic pattern of wood grains, the exquisitely entangled roots, and the curvaceous leaves of the tree. The fine details that form this wonder of nature are translated into mesmerising designs. 

Nature comes to life in these meticulusly crafted and intricately designed jewellery pieces. Crafted in 18k Gold, Aaranya is a designer collection with hints of tradition. These are pieces of art that you will always cherish having in your collection and are versatile enough to be worn with western as well as ethenic outfits.

Aaranya Collection Starts from Rs.30000/-

carat lane new collection

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The Bombay Deco Collection: A Tribute To Mumbai We Love

The Collection features unique art deco details found in Mumbai’s iconic Deco Saeacenic buildings. Witness the stepped minaret of Eros Theatre, the sleek lines that adorn the sidewalls of Liberty Theatre, and the fan patteern of Empress Court transformed into gorgeous jewellery.

Caratlane jewellery Art Deco collection

Again crafted in 18k Gold, The Bombay Deco Collection is for those who are a bit experimental with their accessories and do not like the mainstream jewels. This collection features crisp lines, zig zag edges, clean circles and fan patterns. With intricate detailings and motifs, curvilinear forms, minarets and nautical designs found in the exquisitely crafted offerings, these are pieces for the modern young woman.


Bombay Deco Collection Starts from Rs. 15000/-

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