I was very intrigued when I first learnt about gel eye liners. I am so like an alien when it comes to makeup. That’s my life’s dilemma, but can’t help it! And I am like the last person who comes to know about any launch no matter to how many brands I subscribe to. But thanks to Garima and since I am in constant touch with her she acts like my Wikipedia. Don’t know how but she has got answers to almost all my queries! So when I came to know (through Gari) about the newly launched gel eyeliner by Maybelline I was sure what new stuff I need in my makeup-kitty!


IMG_7018Usually gel eye liners are considered good over the pencil eye liners and liquid liners because the gel one has a smooth consistency and makes your eye pop up better than the other two options. They are gel form and come with a brush, also creating dramatic look by these are pretty easy!


Product description: (As mentioned at the back of the pack)

Easy instant impact is now available in one stroke. More intense, more long lasting. The improved formula glides smoothly making a line without a crease. Customized eye line brush allows lines to be drawn as desired from fine to thick. The creamy gel texture dries quickly after application. Water-proof, smudge-proof formula resists to sweat, tears, sebum and water.


Price: Rs. 450

Quantity: 2.5 g

Shelf life: use before 36 months from MFG.

Ingredients: Refer to the picture below

IMG_7017My experience with the Maybelline’s new lasting drama gel liner upto 36 hours

Maybelline’s new lasting drama gel liner is packaged in a carton which carries all the information about the product. I like such packaging where I don’t need to struggle to find ingredients, price and shelf life.




In the carton is the gel liner. A transparent plastic tub looking like a glass one & looks no less than a luxurious thing to own. The brush is sleek of the correct length and can be used easily. I liked the bristles of the brush which are soft and pick the liner perfectly.

IMG_7020The liner is quite pigmented and the coverage is opaque which is buildable and a nice black color can be achieved. It did stay throughout the day on my eyelids. And I had to use my The body shop waterproof makeup remover Reviewed Here to remove it! The liner is quite creamy and moisturizing as well so no tucking is experienced. It settles as a matte shade.

Swatch on my hand ( Left side 2-3 coats, Right is single coat)


Turn on: Maybelline’s new lasting drama gel liner upto 36 hours

1)    Comes with a brush which is soft and workable.

2)    The liner is very smooth.

3)    It’s actually waterproof and can be removed with waterproof makeup remover.

4)    Its smudge proof as well!

5)    Liner is super smooth.

6)    The color is buildable and a nice black color can be achieved.

7)    I like the coverage as well, it’s nicely pigmented.

Turn off: Maybelline’s new lasting drama gel liner upto 36 hours

Not a con really but as it’s named a gel I was not expecting it to be of dry-matte consistency. It’s not very drying though. Also it dries pretty soon so I have to be extra cautious while drawing a line as only a waterproof remover would be able to remove it!

This is How I apply my gel eye liner in 3 ways! & EOTD

1)I start from the middle of my eye and draw a line moving towards outside corner of the eye.

IMG_70372) I make a smooth line and am assured that’s its visible on opening my eyes too.

IMG_70383) Then from inner corner bring the line to the middle and meet both the lines. My eyeliner is thinner at the inner corner and thicker at the outer corner.


Final LOOK! (inside the house) 


INFO IN A SILVER PALTTER”- At first blush, I was a little apprehensive about using a gel liner, wasn’t aware that it’s so easy! Also the brush added the glam factor which is soft and of great use! And as it’s said, first impressions are the most lasting, this is gonna stay with me for a while!



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  1. Just like you, I am alien esp when it comes trying new products. Have seen the gel and liner packed together but don’t dare to purchase. I sure love to add impact on my eyes and after reading your review, I shall definitely get it.

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