Mane Maintenance Post Hair Color Treatment

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Warning: Hair colour can damage your hair!!!!

Now that you have read the above warning, it does not mean that you cannot colour your hair it means that you have to be more cautious about your tresses post colouring.

Trust me I have been there, done that…and out of experience I can say, that you can have the best of both worlds provided you pamper your hair after all the chemical damage they have been through.

If you are amongst those who have already faced the brunt of hair dyes,do not lose your head over what has happened, its time to take charge, take back your hair with force!!

Hair colour is the most it-thing amongst fashionistas and a forced routine for those who want to cover those unsightly grey, whatever the case may be, most of us do colour our hair, don’t we?? Now if you have coloured your hair, you have two action items to keep in mind

  1. Hair color Maintenance
  2. Hair Maintenance

Hair Colour Maintenance

To make your hair colour last longer and look fresh follow these tips

Mane Maintenance Post Hair Color Treatment

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  • Use a Cleansing Shampoo Pre-Colouring – Before you decide to get your hair dyed, use a very good cleanser so that your hair is free of any sort of styling products, dirt, grease etc. do not condition after this.
  • Follow The 48 Hour Rule – Wait for 48 hours after you have washed your hair before getting your hair coloured because natural oils from the hair help the colour to adhere, which in turn last longer. Also do not wash your hair 48 hours post-colouring.
  • Seal The Colour With Heat – When the colour is completely dry, use a flat iron to seal the colour or ask your stylist to do so. This makes the colour last longer.
  • Use Quality Products – Always use a good quality hair colour for two reasons, firstly for the sake of your hair, secondly because they will last longer.
  • Shampoo and conditioner – Use mild shampoo and conditioners which are specially designed for colour treated hair. They are mild hence will not wash off the colour, also they are sulphate free, hence they will not dry out your hair.
  • Do not Wash Daily – This is self explanatory, washing your hair daily will wash off the colour as well so avoid frequent washes. Keep it restricted to twice a week and if the need arises, use dry shampoos in between.
  • Avoid Sun and Water – Avoid too much of sun and water especially chlorinated water. If you are out in the sun use hats or cover ups for your hair. Also use products with SPF for your hair when you are out in the sun. If you are swimming, encourage the use of swim caps.
  • Glossing treatments – Visit you professional for glossing treatments for in between colour sessions, this will leave your tresses with a luscious gloss and make your hair colour look fresh, hence you can extend the time period of your next colouring appointment.

Hair Maintenance 

Hair colours contain ammonia which makes your hair dry and straw-like. Dyes are very hard on your hair, so repair them with lot of care.

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  • Conditioning-  Condition you hair with a good conditioner after every hair wash and deep condition once a week. Use hot coconut oil or almond oil for deep conditioning. Also use leave in conditioners or serums after towel drying your hair. You can also use these serums in between your washes if your hair feel dry.
  • No Hot Water – Never ever use hot water to wash your hair. Hot water strips off the natural oils from your hair, which will make them even more dry and prone to damage.
  • Hair Spa – Give some extra nourishment to your hair while you relax and rejuvenate at the spa.
  • Be Gentle – Do not use heat on your hair, it will only damage them. Restrict yourself as much as possible before styling your hair with irons or dryers. Also do not wipe or brush wet hair harshly, this will lead to a lot of breakage.
  • Do not Re-Dye Frequently – Take good care of your hair colour so that you can extend your re-dying session as long as possible. This will give your hair a breathing space to recover themselves from the chemical damage.

Earlier only genetics could control the colour of your hair but now you can easily achieve the look that you want. I feel little bit of knowledge about hair colouring and a lot of post treatment care can even give Rapunzel a run for her money!


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