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I have used many pressed powders from different brands.  Like MAC’s studio fix powder foundation which is a compact powder with extra coverage (my staple base product). Now it is time to talk about loose powders. I got MAC Select Sheer Loose Powder after I finished off my TBS Loose powder which I will review soon. I also use MAC’s Studio FIX +Spray to set my makeup. 🙂



MAC-Select-Sheer-Loose-Powder-priceWhat MAC Says: Translucent, featherweight, ultra-fine, sublimely silky. Provides sheer, micro-fine finish. Mattes the skin but keeps its natural glow. Makes skin look almost naked.

Price: INR 1650 

Quantity: 8 g / 0.28 o.z

Ingredients: Refer to the Picture below


My Experience With MAC Select Sheer Loose Powder

Many of us know that loose powders are meant for oily skin and pressed powders for dry skin. Loose powders are definitely finer than pressed powders therefore, it can settle into fine lines and wrinkles accentuating the dry patches. Hence those who have very dry skin are recommended to use pressed powders!


???????????????????????????????But in my case I feel that the loose powder works better on my combination type of skin. And due to hot and humid summers my skin is changing from dry to oily. Honestly I hate this oily and greasy feeling to the core. Though my cheeks are dry and dehydrated but my T-zone is comparatively very oily… Yucks!! L  Plus I sweat a lot, a lot means a lot and now you can understand that sweat and sebum are making my skin bad. I was actually looking for something which can absorb oil and sweat and keep my face fresh and glowing.

Loose powders are generally aren’t used on its own. You can set it on a foundation and a concealer and make it last longer. I love using loose powder to set my BB cream and to add a hint of colour to my face.

MAC Select Sheer Loose Powder is numbered as NC5- NC20- NC30- NC40 and so on.

MAC Select Sheer Loose Powder is very light weight. It almost sets as translucent when you blend. Like the name says “Sheer”- it’s very sheer powder which doesn’t add much of colour to your face. The texture is very smooth and silky with micro-fine shimmers in it. Every loose powder contains micro shimmers in it which adds a glow to the face. It doesn’t feel heavy at all and makes skin look almost n*ked. This is why every makeup artist prefers loose powder over pressed powder to set any makeup done. It keeps skin’s natural glow without being cakey.

Although it scores high in every aspect but failed to provide the purpose for which I actually brought it. It does keep my face oil free, shine free for couple of hours but does “NOTHING” to stop/reduce my sweat (I know MAC doesn’t claim it but still.  I use my ecotools kabuki brush to apply loose powder and buff it all over my face to set my moisturized face. 😛 )

Swatches of MAC Select Sheer Loose Powder



Turn On: MAC Select Sheer Loose Powder

1)    Provides shine control and oil control for couple of hours.

2)    Very sheer and light weight, feels almost n*ked on skin.

3)    Doesn’t look cakey or heavy.

4)    Sets as semi-matte finish keeping skin’s natural glow.

5)    Little quantity is required each time; hence it goes for a long time.

6)    It can perfectly set any liquid foundation, concealer and BB cream.

7)    Can be used alone over any tinted moisturizer.

8)    Maintains hydration and doesn’t make skin dry.

 Turn Off: MAC Select Sheer Loose Powder

1)    I wish for a product that can control shine and oil for more hours.

2)    Paying 1650 INR for 8gm really pinches. *facepalm*



INFO ON A SILVER PLATTER”- Those who have normal, combination OR oily skin can definitely go for MAC Select Sheer Loose Powder. It is definitely the lightest loose powder I have ever tried so far.

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