Mac Mehr Lipstick Review

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Mac Mehr Lipstick Review

I have heard a lot that Mac Mehr, Twig, and Cosmo are quite similar, well yes, they do look similar in the tube but there is a lot of difference if you go into the details. In this post, I will review Mac Mehr lipstick and  compare it with Mac Twig and Cosmo.

Mac Mehr Lipstick Review

Price: Rs 1450/-

My Experience With Mac Mehr Lipstick

Mac Mehr is one of my favorite Mac lipsticks. The color and formula both work perfectly for me. It’s matte but not too drying like the retro mattes. The texture is smooth and glides easily without tugging or pulling the lips and does not accentuate fine lines . The pigmentation is great and gives an opaque finish in one pass. It lasts for about 4-5 hours after which it starts fading.

Mac Mehr is a pale pink or a cool-toned pink. It’s a dirty blue pink as described by Mac. It has very slight brown and mauve undertones and is certainly more pink than cosmo(more on that later). This color will suit very fair and fair skin tones. Medium tones can still pull it off with smokey eyes but looks drab beyond NC 40 and the likes. Also if you have very strong yellow undertones then this color should be avoided.

Mehr is quite a tricky color and should be bought after putting in a lot of thought. If it suits you, it can brighten up your face but if not, it completely washes you out. Thankfully it suits me (I am NC 35-37) but sometimes when I am tanned, it makes me look sick.

Mac Mehr Lipstick Review

Mac Mehr Lipstick Review

Mac Mehr vs Mac Cosmo and Mac Twig.

As I said that they look pretty much similar in the tubes and have a close similarity even after swatching but they look quite different against various skin tones.

Mac Mehr(matte) has visible blue undertones with more of pink in it. It is best for Very fair and Fair complexions, should be avoided if you have strong yellow undertones, even if your complexion is fair)

Mac Cosmo(amplified creme) has slight yellow and brown undertones. It’s a pink-brown shade with more of pink and less of brown. If compared against Mehr and twig, it is browner than Mehr and pinkier than Twig. It will compliment fair to medium tones. People with darker complexions and those with strong yellow undertones will feel that this color washes them out.

Darker tones will like Mac Twig(satin finish). It’s a rose brown with more of brown and less pink. It looks good on all skin tones but somehow more brown against fair skin and pink against the dusky skin.

Yes, it makes sense to own only one of these lipsticks, hope this comparison makes it easier for you when you are at the Mac store next time, swatching them and wondering, “What the heck, similar color in three different finishes. What is the difference?”

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