Yes we do have all the antiperspirants/deodorants in the market to get rid of body odor. But how safe are they? They have aluminium, parabens and synthetic fragrances added. Don’t you think that it’s high time to try something more natural that which is skin friendly too! Here we talk about the natural ways and the good news is the ingredients you get in your own kitchen, and around your house! Before discussing the DIYs lets have a look at other factors that can help you fight the embarrassing body odor!

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A) Shower– Take showers daily and even two to three times if you are not prone to catching cold easily. Scrub your armpits as well with a sensitive and natural scrub. Wash your hair too regularly and should don’t keep hair unwashed for more than 3 days. During summers wash on regular days.

B) Waxed and clean body- is the key to odorless body. Especially the underarms should be free of unwanted hair.

C) Eat fewer spices– and add more fruits in your diet. Drink plenty of water to keep your body well hydrated.

D) Wear loose cotton clothes and ditch your ultra tight fittings. Let your body breathe. Also your sleepwear should not be tight.

Here are my tried and tested Home Remedies For Body Odour

 1) Mix essential oils in your bath tub. Essential oils like lavender, orange, lemon, sandalwood, rosemary, peppermint will help reduce and control body odor. Bathing with essential oils is a relaxing method that soothes your senses! If you are pregnant or your skin is sensitive then I would suggest you to ask a person who is well versed with the combinations of essential oils. A patch test is recommended before using any combination of oils.


2) Lemons create high acidic level and bacteria’s find it hard to survive. Cut a lemon and rub it on your armpits. This helps in getting rid of tan and controls body odor to a great extent. The fresh smell will energize you. Do not rub it on a cut or rash. Alternatively you can mix lemon juice and rose water and spray it on the needed areas!


3) Few drops of tea tree oil into normal temperature water. Store in a spray bottle and spray on the armpits as and when required! Tea tree oil is used to cure acne. I have used Tea tree oil from TBs which I dab directly on my underarms using a cotton ball. Tea tree oil can also be used for facial steaming where it helps get rid of blemishes! Also I have used few drops of it during washing my intimate apparels and it left it smelling nice!

4) Boil 1 bunch of Neem leaves in half a bucket of water. Dip a towel into the solution and press against the armpits. You can also bathe using this water and the anti-bacterial, anti fungal and anti viral properties of Neem will help getting rid of any skin disease especially the body acne.


5) The acid in the tomatoes juice helps getting rid of odor causing bacteria. It helps to dry the oil on the skin. Mix equal amount of tomatoes juice with cucumber juice and apply on armpits directly with a cotton ball.

INFO ON A SILVER PLATTERMany home remedies are used as a tradition like that of neem leaves DIY(do it yourself). Natural health care is the oldest and the most trusted formulae and people do follow it as they are effective. Try it yourself to experience the goodness of home/herbal remedies! 

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  1. Great tips Shivi, the other day I was at Lifestyle checking out a few tops and a gal just passed by and gawd she stank!!! People should understand the importance of personal hygiene and should do something about their body odor..your post will help a lot of people. 🙂
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