You know what is every makeup lover’s worst nightmare? Seeing an Eyeshadow or an expensive blush drop down and die a million deaths right in front of your eyes. Something similar happened with me too but I wasn’t the culprit. So this New Palette (L’Oreal La Palette Gold from the Gold Obsession Collection) was shattered into pieces before it landed in my hands, thanks to the courier guy who mishandled it. Imagine the pain I went through looking at this site….A newly launched product….I didn’t even swatch….I felt like crying……my tears wouldn’t have fixed this broken eyeshadow but I knew rubbing alcohol would. I had seen a lot of YouTubers do that and now it was time to put the method to test. So let’s do this………..

Things that you will need

  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Dropper
  • Butter Paper (you can even use a tissue paper or a fabric)
  • Flat Shader Brush

The process from here is very simple.

Step 1: Crumple the product more (in this case the eyeshadow) with the help of a pin or a tweezer.

Step 2: Pour the rubbing alcohol on the eyeshadow, it will change its consistency and turn into a creamy texture that can be molded into any shape. Keep patting with a flat shader brush using a light hand.

Step 3: Wait for a few seconds till the products seems to be dry but still damp (leaves an indent if you touch it with your finger)

Step 4: If you have something that matches the shape of the container then put the butter paper on top of the product and press firmly for a few seconds. In my case, the sections in the palette were too narrow and I could think of nothing that would match this shape so I went ahead by pressing the eyeshadow with the brush itself.

Step 5: Remove the paper and leave the product to air dry for a few more minutes.

Voila….the eyeshadow is ready to use. You can try this technique with any powder product (fixing broken Blush/Compact/Eyeshadow/Powder Foundations). Keep in mind that this is just a fix to revive your broken makeup, the product will look as if it is perfect but it will loose its ability to stand up to shocks, which means it won’t be a great idea to travel with it but it is still better than throwing your makeup in the dump.

Hope this Helps!!!!

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