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VLCC Vanity Cube Bellawave Facial Stem-Cellogist review below

Truly raising a 7 months old kid is not at all an easy job. Endless sleepless nights and exhaustion caused a tired face and each time I noticed myself I remembered the glow that I had during pregnancy and how everybody complemented it. Now the situation was entirely different.

Sitting at home enjoying a cup of coffee, I realised that I need a pampering session. And I couldn’t ask for more when VLCC asked me to take a trial session of one of their best facials. I also recalled that few days back I came across VlCC’s Vanity Cube home service while searching some stuff on internet. Customers can get facial, spa session, waxing and makeup done! And icing on the cake is there regular discounts that they offer.

Hurriedly I checked their website http://vanitycube.in/ and booked a facial appointment for myself. This time I was trying their Bellawave facial. As per VLCC Vanity Cube website Bellawave facial Stem-Cellogist , “Firms, Lifts and plumps up facial lines while increasing skin elasticity. Stimulates collagen synthesis and preserves skin vitality. Provides superior anti-oxidant protection against damaging free radicals.” This particular facial enables deeper penetration of the ingredients used for the facial which ultimately speeds up the absorption of nutrients!

Obviously, I do not have any wrinkles as of now but such facials are good to take right from your late 20’s.

Cost of VLCC Vanity Cube Bellawave Facial Stem-Cellogist: INR 3800 (At home service)

How it works?

  • You need to login and tell them when and where you want to get your services
  • Vlcc will send a trained artist who will come over to your home
  • Take the service at the convenience of staying at home and not going anywhere! Yes, you can binge watch Netflix while their staff does your pedicure! Isn’t that great!


Who should take VLCC Vanity Cube Bellawave Facial Stem-Cellogist?

If you started getting signs of premature skin, mature skin or if there are any signs of extreme dryness, fine lines, wrinkles, saggy skin or dull skin, it is time to get VLCC Vanity Cube Bellawave Facial Stem-Cellogist.

Duration: 1 hr

Stem technology: So VLCC Vanity Cube Bellawave Facial Stem-Cellogist uses the technology which helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines! This facial boast to smooth wrinkles and fine lines if taken regularly. It is best for women above 35 and also for women in their late 20’s can start such type of facial if they see any signs of mature skin or fine lines.


Other services that Vlcc Vanity Cube Offer:

vlcc vanity cube

  • Child Mundan
  • body spa/massage
  • regular parlour services like waxing, facials, mani & pedi
  • haircuts for women/men/child
  • Bridal/pre-bridal makeup
  • men grooming


My Experience With VLCC Vanity Cube Bellawave Facial Stem-Cellogist

A beautician name Roshni came to complete the beauty service. Coming on time she confirms the service first. She confirms this early morning too by calling a customer before hand on the same day. Before starting the service, she examined my skin well and also gave me few tips about skincare and beauty regimen. I was glad to have her over as she seemed well trained and experienced. She was well aware what she was doing.

VLCC Vanity Cube Bellawave Facial is mainly for skin rejuvenation and to avoid wrinkles at later age, recreating more youthful skin.

The beautician cleans face and neck and gives a light 1-2-minute massage. Believing this is a beginning to a complete relaxation, I lie down very silent. Face was cleansed again with a cotton swab after this light massage. The beautician also informs that since this facial is particularly for firmer skin and facial lines there were different steps in the massage pattern. Secondly, a “Telo Boost Vital” water was applied to the entire face with damp cotton. Thirdly, Nuenzyme peel which renews skin for fresh radiance was applied. Fourthly, Liftexpress ampoule which boosts skins innate ability to arrest ageing is massaged on the face until it is absorbed.

Finally Roshni applies a thick layer mask that covers your eyes and lips as well with the full face. Any tan on lips? Do not worry as this mask takes it away! You can avoid putting the thick mask on your lips if you are not comfortable. The complete massage session was for 20-25 minutes while the full facial lasted for 50 minute approx. Getting a light shoulder massage is a bonus. It was very relaxing.

The facial was over and the time arrived for which I waited with baited breath. Yes, to see myself in mirror and as I looked I couldn’t believe how fresh, hydrated, clear my skin looked. Usually due to sensitive skin I get redness on face that goes after few hours but such was not a case in this facial. I could see the difference immediately and I could not believe it. I touched my face and it felt so soft, firm and clean! Overall, it was an amazing experience to get VLCC Vanity Cube Bellawave Facial Stem-Cellogist and I cant wait to take it again as obviously who loves wrinkles and fine lines? If you also love to be at home and get pampered do try VLCC Vanity Cube Service. Check them out Here Vlcc Vanity Cube Service


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