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Update: This was my all time favourite but unfortunately it has been discontinued. Read the post to know how vitamin C worked for me. I have substituted this with The Body Shop Vitamin C capsules or sometimes I even buy vitamin C serum from Cipla and they work well.

Today I will be talking about my favorite product which does not look fancy but the results are beyond comparison to the other fancier creams available.


There was a time when I had started ignoring my skin. Forget about CTM I wasn’t even moisturizing my skin and yeah after some time I got it back. My face became dull, lifeless with slight open pores, pigmentation and at this point of time nothing was working for me. That’s when I consulted a dermatologist and she gave me his magical disc.

WHAT THE PRODUCT CLAIMS : StreaTM C10 is a unique formulation of dermatological grade topical Vitamin C in the most potent and active form of L- Ascorbic acid at high concentration of 10% free from colouring agents, perfume and perspectives ensuring that active ingredient Vitamin C is delivered to skin in a precise, most stable and in purest form.


  • Fights free radicals to prevent wrinkles and age spots.
  • Promotes collagen synthesis.
  • Effective lightening agent for Melasma & hyper pigmentation conditions.
  • Minimizes treatment induced inflammation and redness.
  • Ideal adjunct to sunscreen for added protection from sunlight.


  • Radiance in skin.
  • Improving the texture in making the skin tone even.
  • Hyper pigmentation (dark spots) under eye application/ dark circles.
  • Added photo protection – ideal adjuvant to sunscreen.
  • Reduction in fine lines and wrinkle appearance.
  • Control of post procedures inflammation and redness.


Cleanse the face and apply Strea C10 evenly all over the face.
One Vegicap to be applied once or twice daily depending upon the extent of skin imperfections.


AVAILABILITY: Available at all pharmacies

PRICE: Rs 1321/-

My Experience with Dr Reddy’s Strea C 10:

These vitamin C capsules come in a circular disc. The disc contains 28 veggie caps each in a separate compartment. You have to rotate the disc and open the lid to pull out the capsule. The capsule has to be broken to take the product out. The capsules are very soft and can be easily snipped open with the nails. The product in each capsule is enough to cover the entire face and neck.




Vitamin C is that magical vitamin that is effective in boosting the production of collagen, protecting the skin from free radicals developed due to sun exposure, treats discoloration and redness and also heals minor wounds.

Strea C10 has vitamin c in the most potent form; it is devoid of any kind of fragrances or chemicals. Vitamin C loses its properties when exposed to atmosphere hence Strea c10 has separate veggie caps. This product ensures that we get the real benefits of vitamin c. One capsule can be applied every day hence a disc lasts for a month.


The product looks like oil when taken onto the palm but it absorbs completely into the skin and gives an instant smoothness to the face just like a primer and gives a matte face so yeah the oily skinned ones should not fear on the contrary the dry skinned beauties will have to apply moisturizers as it tends to make the skin slightly dry. It gives a mild tingling sensation, but it’s not bothersome.

Vitamin c tends to make the skin photosensitive so do not forget to apply sunscreen before stepping out else you will end up having sunburns. To avoid any possibility of this, I apply this cream at night and wake up with a glowing and smooth skin which makes my day.

Continuous usage of this cream has made my skin even toned; the pores have reduced not completely but to a great extent. And the best of all ,it has reduced my pigmentation to almost negligible and given a healthy glow to my face


  • Separate capsules ensure that the potency of the product is maintained
  • Hygienic and intelligent packaging
  • Chemical and fragrance free
  • Lives up to all its claims


  • Price


Note: can be used without prescription but make sure you are not allergic to Vitamin C

INFO ON A SILVER PLATTER: I am never going to part ways with this amazing product and as far as the whooping price is concerned I believe that its worth every penny invested.




63 thoughts on “Dr Reddy’s Strea C 10 for (dark spots tan removal) under eye application/ dark circles: Review

    1. Yes it can be used in the daytime but its always advised to start using it in the night first and once you get used to it , you can start using it during the day because if you hav sensitive skin it can make it photosensitive and cause heat rash etc

  1. Hey piya here can anyone tell me that can we use
    this product c10 on skin having active pimples.coz I really
    wana try this for my pigmentation pronlem

  2. Mam am having mild pigmentation and uneven skin arnd my cheeks will this be helpful,am undergoing chemical peel treatment

  3. Dear
    Can you help me out
    I have dark circles so tell me what should I do for removing the dark circles
    Can I use strea c10 & where to buy this product

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