Diwali, festival of lights is just around the corner and I am sure that you have already started searching for Diwali gift ideas. If you are still thinking what to gift your friends and relatives, here are few ideas that will save you from cracking your head. So what are you waiting for? Light up the face of your dear ones with such Diwali gift hampers.


1) I was thrilled to see when the label life came up with their “Gift Boxes”.  No doubt, they have loveliest items of house and home pieces!

These boxes are perfect gift and they are curated with best styles and must have pieces! Have a look at all of them HERE

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2) There are also various Diwali gifts online that are available easily and can be reached to your dear ones even if they are in not in your city. Online gift websites like fernsnpetals, Gift ease etc. help to get your gifts delivered to your preferred destination.

Diwali Gift Ideas like sweets, dry fruits, Diwali diyas, Crackers, corporate Diwali gifts,  Diwali gift hampers which is a curation of sweets, crackers, greeting cards, lanterns etc can be sent to anyone and is always a good and easy choice.

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3) I was delighted to see that Teabox have come up with their special created Diwali tea boxes! For sure it is a celebration for tea-lovers.

So if you want to turn an ordinary cup of tea into a celebration, gift your dear ones such a box. Moreover this website stores tea drink ware, tea makers, sets and storage. In a nutshell all things tea! Find them HERE

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4) Okay so now one of my personal favourites.  Ever thought of gifting real plants to your loved ones? I gifted one to my sister in law recently and she loved it. Websites like nurserylive.com  and exoticflora.in  are packed with numerous plants and seeds options.  You can start with trying out the Indoor Air-Purifying Plants. Succulents are considered as a hot trend right now, and a vacant space indoors can be brought to life by adorning it with Aloe Vera succulents or Sansevieria (name of plant).

Not to forget that pant like “Areca palm” would look best sitting beside your sofa set in your living room! Did I just give you #decorgoals ? Perfect Diwali Gift Ideas!

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5) Last but definitely not the least; I turn to my most favourite website from where I always loved collecting greetings card especially for Diwali, New Year and for birthdays.

It is archiesonline.com they have the cutest greetings card and keeping specifically Diwali into mind, they have beautiful “lord Idols” that can be gifted on this auspicious occasion. Also, I just checked, their Bhaidooj cards are so lovely! Check them out HERE . BTW they have Karva chauth cards too!

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Well friends I hope you liked the online options suggested above. Do let me know where you shop from and how were your experiences.


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