What more can you do to make your outfits stand out? Well it’s the work of the accessories that contribute a lot to the final look of the wearer. We can accessorize by adding handbags and shoes and ameliorate our look. Also there is another way and one stop destination that helps you to choose the perfect fashion accessories that can be worn by women! Pairing a nice accessory with your outfit gives classy and stylish look!

We all love to accessorize and if the items bought, promise us longevity, latest trend and oomph then who would like to stay away from it? Not me at least! Such is an online accessories portal that provides jewelry that helps women to be confident and to express their individuality!

About Fourseven

Fourseven is for women, by women. At fourseven, we believe that women should feel confident in all of our personas.

We strive to make women happier, more confident and more comfortable with our products and through our company. Our team is made up of talented women who design our jewelry and help us make it available to our customers, and for all of the steps in between.

We value our environment and we work hard to use up cycled, recycled and eco-friendly products wherever possible in our supply chain. We also promise to follow industry best practices to deliver a convenient, enjoyable and hassle-free experience to our customers. We want to help you tell your stories.

Here are some accessories that caught my attention!

These lovely half-moon hoops  can add a touch of class to any outfit, day or night. Lightweight and easy, these hand-crafted earrings are made of pure sterling silver. 925 sterling silver. These are  ‘Lead and Nickel free’.

The importance of lead and nickel free jewelry is that when the plating wears off,  lead & Nickel can cause some reaction to sensitive skin. So when a piece is lead and nickel free you don’t really have to bother about anything. 🙂

anuBeautiful & lovely bangles are hand-crafted. Made in brass for strength and durability and plated in sterling silver for beauty. Wear just the silver/gold ones or mix and match!

anu2Another elegant pair that I would love to own!

charmAlso they have cute ‘Alphabet charms‘! The collection is such that everyone can find according to their style, mood and budget! Silver alphabet charms come with pure silver locking clip.  I am definitely ordering “S” for myself!

s charmThese too are Lead and nickel free. They also have symbol charms like “OM”, Life Of Tree, Peace Charm etc.;  Spirits Birthstone Charms for positivity and energy, and popular Musical Instruments charms for fun 🙂 ! Find your Alphabet, Symbol, Spirit, Musical Charms Here!!!

charmsAlso with necklaces, bracelets, charms and rings they have such alluring “Anklets” I personally liked the blue and crystal white anklet that literally took my breath away! This one is on my list too! It looks so …MOD! :*

ankletsFind the rest of the Ultra-Chic and Fashionable Anklets Here!!!

And while browsing the website I found something that really touched my heart and I was almost in tears! I am here in Bangalore far away from my hometown and I miss my mom all the time! This pair of cute earrings just made my day and I remembered the significance of my ‘MOM’ in my life. Cheers to motherhood and cheers to all the moms!

Made of Sterling silver with Cubic Zirconiums that has close resemblance to diamond!

hOh my… gorgeous designs and economical pricing makes Fourseven a one stop destination to all our fashion needs! Pick your piece from the huge range of accessories available. They have free shipping above Rs 2000 and cash on delivery option too! 🙂

Do have a look at the website ” Fourseven.in “





(Disclaimer: We do not own any of the above pictures. Pics taken from Fourseven website)


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