Give your skin a wake-up call when you use our Wild Argan Oil Exfoliating Gel Body Scrub. Complete with argan shell exfoliants to gently buff away dead skin cells, you’ll feel radiant and silky smooth after every use.

  • Body exfoliator
  • Smoothes and refines
  • Light, particle, gel texture
  • Subtle, sophisticated, warming scent
  • Community Trade argan oil from Morocco

Price: Rs.1195/- for 250ml

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My Experience With The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Rough Scrub 

I love The Body Shop Argan Oil Range, have already reviewed the Argan oil Body Butter here. I love TBS Body Butters for the way they work on my extra dry skin that becomes extra extra extra dry in the winter months.

Dry winds, equals rough skin and to combat that, a combination of exfoliation & moisturization is necessary because ain’t nobody piling on layers of butter over the dead skin, it has to be buffed so that the moisture is absorbed and retained.

The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Rough Scrub comes in the usual TBS tub packaging. It has a warm nutty smell that I love, especially in the colder months. It has a gel-like consistency with argan shells as scrub particles. This scrub is rough without being harsh on the skin but if you have very delicate and sensitive skin then this might not suit you very well. It stimulates skin cells and improves texture, It softens even the roughest areas like knees and elbows. The skin feels soft and smooth after the process and does not feel dry or sensitive due to the presence of argan oil in the base.

As much as I love it and want to make it my holy grail, I have to try the other body scrubs that are stocked up with me for now, but I will come back to my love…unless I find something better!!!!

(Sorry for the lack of pictures, I usually take product images before using it. Unfortunately, this did not happen with this one and I literally had to pull out the tub from the trash just to click the closeup of the remnants to show you guys the texture of this scrub )

“Info On A Silver Platter”

If you are looking out for some serious exfoliation then this is it but if you like mild exfoliators for your skin then you might not like this one. Trust me guys, this scrub combined with the Wild Argan body butter works like a charm for dry, rough skin.

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