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Today’s post might seem a little eccentric since we have never spoken about this topic on the blog, but every now and then we come across questions from our readers and aspiring bloggers on how to monetize a blog. Instead of addressing them one by one, we thought of sharing this post which will answer at least a few queries.

Honestly, there are a lot of options to monetize a blog, google Adsense, affiliate marketing, selling banner ad spaces, sponsored posts and the list goes on….. but all of this is definitely not a cake walk. When you just get started, and your blog traffic is considerably low, none of these seem to work. Sponsored post is the most hassle-free way to earn a chunk of money with writing a single post, but here is another catch…..how to contact the brands or get to know whether they are doing any sponsored posts or not. BLOGMINT is the answer, my friend.


Blogmint is the most trusted and easiest income generating platform, for bloggers. It connects brands to influencers and vice versa in just a few simple clicks.

How Blogmint Works 

In simple terms, it’s just a four-step process,

Discover Campaigns -> Apply ->  Submit Draft -> Get Paid

I’ll explain this further, all you have to do is, sign up  on www.blogmint.com and create your profile. Now, link your blog and social media accounts to it and that is all you need to get started. Now you will be able to see all active campaigns from various brands, if the campaign matches your niche, you can apply for it and if the brand approves, you just have to submit your draft and publish it on your blog. That’s it folks….you will get your due payment within a couple of weeks. Not all campaigns will be similar in nature but the brands clearly mention what they want, if there exists a problem, they are just a ping away. Also on Blogmint, it’s not just blogs, you can even monetize your Vlogs and tweets.

This is what a typical campaign will look like on Blogmint




With 31,005 Active Influencers, 408.3m Reach, 784 Brands, and 216 Campaigns Blogmint is Asia’s leading influencer marketing platform.

Well, as they say…….It’s all about Blogging Vlogging!

For any other query feel free to comment in the section below or contact us via contact form and we will be more than happy to help. 

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