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If you are taking your fledging steps into getting fitter, then the good news is that you don’t need any gym memberships or fancy equipment to do what you’ve decided to, a couple of home workout videos on YouTube will do just fine, all you need is a lot of motivation and self-discipline to get into the shape you desire.

Here is the list of top workout videos for beginners to get your fitness journey started. I am the laziest when it comes to working out and so damn fickle minded that I can’t stick to a single routine. I have tried almost all workout videos on and off, and by far these are the best workouts that keep me hooked on till the end. Depending on the mood of the day, I randomly select any of these and start exercising, I hope you like them too….so let’s get onto the list.

Pump it Up

You need time for this one since it is an hour plus of dance workout, but it’s a fun routine. This workout by Deanne Berry is easy to follow and focuses on every section of your body one by one. It starts with a slow warm up and slowly picks up the pace, the best part is that you will not even realize when it starts getting tough, because the graduation is slow & seamless.

Bipasha Basu Dance Workout
If time is a constraint then get into the groove with Bipasha and have your own little party. It is very easy to give up on exercising because it feels really tough in the start, the trick is to take it easy, This 30-minute dance routine is easy to follow, does not stress your body too much, but still is a good calorie burn.

Hot Z Team Zumba

If you love dancing then you cannot miss this one. The music, the moves, the energy…everything is great about this video. This Zumba workout will make your exercise routine fun and keep you charged for the rest of the day. There are some 45 minutes curated workout playlists and 3-4 minute individual videos, so you can take charge and create your own workout plan.

Yoga With Adrian

If Yoga is your thing then try Adriene. She has the 30 day Revolution series, in which she comes up with a new Yoga plan every day. It starts with the basics and keeps building up slowly. Try one or two and you will be addicted to them I promise. They are so peaceful, relaxing and help in opening up your mind, body, and soul. They make you feel better each day along with the very many benefits of practicing Yoga.

Jillian Michael’s 30 Days Shred
If you want a power packed full body workout in just 20 minutes then Jillian Michael’s 30 Day shred that comes in 2 levels is the thing for you. She incorporates circuit training here, the routine is designed in such a way that it involves multiple muscles working out together. This takes less time but has a high impact. This might seem little difficult in the beginning but if you don’t give up then it is the best workout that you can do, in just 20 minutes at home.

(Jillian Michael’s original video has been removed from YouTube but if you search, you can find some like the one I have added below)

Though my top 5 workouts list is completed, here are two add-ons, I love doing these when I want to pack in a little more cardio or some ab toning to the above workouts

Bhangra Dance Workout

10-Minute Ab Exercise

Things to remember
– Pre-workout meal is very important
– Have a cup of black coffee before your workout to burn extra calories
– Have protein post workout to prevent muscle loss
– Stay hydrated throughout the day to avoid sore muscles
– Take a break because your muscles need rest
– If you want your workout to yield the desired results then also follow a proper diet plan
– Don’t push yourself beyond the limit, take it slow and increase your pace and time accordingly.
– Fool your muscles by following a different workout plan every week or every day if possible to see faster and better results.

Do not wait for New Year, the first day of a new month, or a Monday to start a healthy regime. The time is now, so just hit it!!!!

All the best!!!!!

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