Benefits of Coconut Water During Pregnancy

Benefits of Coconut Water During Pregnancy Image credit

Do you all know what are the Benefits of Coconut Water During Pregnancy? Well, as promised today I am discussing this as wherever I go I hear people talking about how addicted they are to caffeine.

People say that they drink 6-8 cups of tea/coffee daily! Too much caffeine intake is bad for anyone whether pregnant or not. However, today in this particular post I am discussing “Benefits of Coconut Water During Pregnancy” specially for expecting mothers.


1)Caffeine free

The first and foremost reason to start with coconut water early morning is because it is caffeine free. It will keep your body hydrated. Drinking it on empty stomach will benefit more. You can drink 1 coconut’s water daily.

Also, kindly do not overdrink it. Clean filtered water was my main drink throughout pregnancy and same I am suggesting.

In addition to this, if your sugar level is high do not drink tender coconut water. Asking your doctor is the best advice I can give you.


2) Helps during Constipation

A lot of women suffers constipation right from first trimester to the last one. In such a case you need to increase your fluid intake. Moreover, coconut water is rich in dietary fibre so it helps in digestion preventing constipation.

Please note that you should drink coconut water as soon as the coconut is cut and do not keep it away to drink afterwards.


3) Prevents UTI

Regular consumption of coconut water can prevent UTI which is very common during pregnancy.


4) Relieve morning sickness

It is believed that tender coconut water can relive morning sickness and acidity making you feel energetic. It not just energises you but makes you feel comfortable. Believe me…tried and tested!


5) Ensures optimal fetus growth

Yes, that’s true! As tender coconut water is rich in potassium it helps in fetus growth. Potassium is a mineral and electrolyte that helps chemical balance in the body. Low degrees of Potassium can cause unnecessary complications.

I hope you can find tender coconut water easily in your area. Kindly remember that moderation is the key. There was a time that I started drinking 4-5 coconut water in a day and had to face consequences like my blood sugar level got increased. Drinking 1 coconut water in a day is advisable.

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I hope you like the post. Do share your thoughts!


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