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Hair color trends || Tips on choosing the right hair color || Pre & Post Hair color treatment Care

Tired of your same old look? Need a hair makeover? Hair Colour comes to your mind? Before you take a plunge, we present before you the hot list of Hair color trends which will help you add a fashion-forward finish to your hair.

Hair Colour Trends 


Red is a rage right now. Earlier stated to be as bold colour, now is the It thing to do amongst all fashionistas. You can easily incorporate this red hair trend by choosing amongst hues of chestnut, strawberry red, deep red, copper depending upon your style.

Hair color trends red


Brown is a universal and cult favourite. Be it glossy brown, honey or dark brown it looks ever-classy.

Hair color trends

Thick Highlights

Forget about those equidistance highlights. The trend is to highlight thick random chunks of hair which look gorgeous with the hide and seek of light and dark,  as you style and play with your tresses.

Hair color trends

Baby lights

The latest trend in the hair colour world is Babylights. As the name suggests, it gives you that sun kissed hair that a child gets due to being in the sun for long hours. It is low maintenance, looks natural and adds youth and dimension to your face.

baby lights

Just keep in mind that the highlight colour has to be only 2 tones lighter than the base colour to create a right balance. It’s nothing but just lightening random strands of your hair slightly in a very rough and natural way, looks great on any length of hair.

Cool Cast

If you think that the above trends are not for you and you feel a little bold then try playing with Aubergine, rose gold or merlot hues and be sure to make heads turn.


An ombre hairstyle has darker tones at the roots and gradually gets lighter towards the ends. It is done using balayage technique with colours that naturally complement each other but for a dramatic look, you can also use colours that create a stark contrast with one another.


Choose your hair colour as per your skin tone:

One rule of thumb that you should follow is that warm skin tones should opt for warm colours and cool skin tones should choose cool toned colours.

Very Fair: Go for light colours like light browns, honey, strawberry reds and avoid very light colours like gold and blonde else it can make you look pale

Fair: Subtle brown shades or blonde highlights. Avoid dark hues esp. that of red or brown.

Wheatish: Brown, Burgundy or medium shades of red. Avoid blonde or gold

Dusky: Dark earthy tones will enhance your look.

Other things to keep in Mind: 

Always consult an expert before choosing your hair colour.

Always get you hair colour done professionally.

Also, keep your eye colour in consideration while choosing your hair colour

Use a trusted brand of hair colour to avoid chemical damage

Use good after care products

Go for frequent touch ups to keep your look neat and updated

There are a lot of options when you decide to get hold of that Dye. Choose your colour wisely as it should suit your skin tone, reflect your personality and complement the kind of clothes you wear.

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